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Yes, I Want To Transform My Future.

Just to recap, as a member of the Transform Your Future program, this is what you get access to:

1.  Work with Michelle one-to-one, by phone or Skype, and get crystal clear on what you want for the next phase of your career. With expert help, guidance, coaching & training create your career strategy & vision.  12 X 1 hour sessions PLUS up to five calls or emails per month for those quick queries you need help with. 

2. Once you're clear on your strategy, then it's time to start building the tactical action plan (including full CV & Linkedin review and rewrite).

3. With clarity on what you really want, and a tactical plan to make it happen, Michelle holds your accountable to keeping moving towards achieving your career goal. Stay on track and stay on course. 

4. Build greater confidence & control as you engage with your network, headhunters & corporates.  

5. Obtain support & guidance when negotiating job offers & complicated LTIPs to ensure you secure the best outcome for yourself. 


In summary, achieve the career that you've always dreamed of feeling ignited, passionate & confident again.

And achieve this faster than trying to do it alone.

For most clients this has resulted in them achieving greater career satisfaction & fulfilment while retaining, and most often, increasing their six figure salary. While we can't guarantee this for every client, with a clear focus, hard work and commitment, Michelle believes that we're all capable of achieving more fulfilling careers & transforming our futures. 


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